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Singha Beer

Thailand is best known as the beer you can try when you go to a Thai restaurant. Singha Beer, brewed by the Boon Rawd Company.

Singha has a yellow gold hue with light aromas of sweet bread pale malts that follow through on a medium bodied palate with crisp, bitter hops on the finish. This has a great balance of assertive hops that cut through the all malt mouth feel.

The smell is roughly what you’d expect from a lager. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just the usual blend of malted barley and hops. All of which are hardly noticeable. Alcohol up to 5%

Introducing Our Kitteh

Today, I would like to write an article related my cat. Before that no one knows we own a cat. It's not like I don't like cat but slowly I develop into love & caring toward something I care about, eh... of course my life partner would be main then follow by my cat. 

His name is TAMA. Is a name from Japanese language タマ TAMA meaning 'sphere' or 'soul' or more less 'round' as it describe. Whatever, actually TAMA consider the lucky one which we pick up from the street at nearby home. TAMA was left alone by mother cat but accompany by his another sibling. At first we ignore thought the mother cat would return, but we saw she carry away one of his sibling & might continue another round. After an hour waiting seems something not right & starts to rain. So we decided to save both of them from cold & rainy weather.

Enjoy the comfy home by falling asleep... 

At lease both of them save from outside from starving but their heath condition quite bad because the mother cat did not take care them properly. We did send to animal veterinary to get proper medication & check up. Unfortunately his sibling did not make it & too weak to survive. It's sadden us. I believe TAMA was strong able to make all the way thru his life.

Enjoy his good time sitting on top of my modem for better heating surface... 

During his young-hood life, TAMA quiet naughty & energetic especially like climb here & there. Hectic!! We tend to think of our cats as furry little people who walk on all fours & speak in some exotic foreign language, but this couldn't be further from the truth! Cats are, first & foremost, felines. They have natural instincts that serve as their guide hunting & stalking prey are among the strongest. In other words, they ACT like cats. 

There's goes the story of my cat (to be continue)
Till then, our Kitteh...

Köstritzer Schwartzbier Beer

Have you seen this type of beer in Malaysia or around you? No? I'm not entirely sure which description applies to Köstritzer Schwartzbier, the black lager of Köstritz, Germany. I really had no idea what to expect when I opened the bottle. After all... a black lager?

On the way into the glass it looked like a cola, but with finer bubbles. It appeared black, but like a cola was in fact a deep red, almost purple. I held the glass up to the light & barely a ray made its way through. Yet it didn't appear to be as thick in texture & consistency as a stout.

I'm not sure, because it was not really the taste of those things, but more like the dry & bitter aftertase of them. Each sip left a slightly parched feeling in the mouth, making me wish for a sip of water.

Simple, maybe, but they certainly can texture a beer! Creamy, medium bodied that bursts on the finish, Kostritzer Schwarzbier doesn’t offer a huge amount of variety, but what’s here is quite nice. This generally makes the beer smoother & more drinkable. Alcohol level up to 4.8%

Sapporo Beer

Everytime I drop by to any Japanese restaurant didn't try any of this beer but now can I have it. Let's have some beer sampling & review shall we? Sapporo is technically known as a "rice lager". Rice is not a traditional ingredient in most beers however, given the need by commercial manufacturers to mass-produce beer on a large scale, inexpensive fermentable materials such as unmalted rice & corn were used to replace less widely-available, more costly traditional malt materials such as malted barley & wheat.

First impression, a slightly bitter after taste contrasted greatly with the body of the beer, a light color given the strong malty taste. Thin white head that disappears quickly. It’s cool & it’s crisp. It’s Japanese inspired. It’s got to be eaten with sushi. Goes well with any lightly spiced food.

In short, it had a great overall taste marred by the unrelenting popping of bubbles in my mouth.  If you enjoy a heavily carbonated beer, or drinking slow enough to let your mouth recover from each sip I would recommend it to you, because first impressions last & the taste really is an reflection of a premium Japanese lager. Alcohol level up to 5%

Oktoberfest 2013

Yes, we’re aware that the actual Oktoberfest in Munich doesn’t go on for the entire month of October (in fact, it starts in late September & ends by the first or second week of October), but we Malaysians like to take things a lot more literally, hence the slew of Oktoberfest events & promotions throughout the month. Well, only in Bolehland can do it...

The Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier will be available at Brotzeit German Bier Bar (Mid Valley Megamall) from now until Oct 31. Apart from a whole lot of German gourmet delights, the lounge has beer games planned. Check out their discounts on beer buckets too!

Oh well, tonight shall have a little tipsy...
Till then, Happy Oktoberfest!

Too Young To Be Thief

Perhaps an even more personal kind of theft is known as housebreaking, burglary or shoplifting. After such an intrusion, the victims often report a feeling of violation. They seldom regain the comfort & security level they used to have in their home or shop. They constantly feel like they are being watched; they feel that if they go out, the burglars will again come in.

Thieves have no shame. They will steal from anyone that they think is vulnerable. Of course, that means the elderly are their frequent victims. Some thieves are very clever; some are very lucky. All of them make an honest person's life more difficult. It's too bad that all of them can't be caught & converted into honest people. 

Take this scenario, a little thief named J" (just give him a character rather than nothing) who came into my store & steal 3 of my smartphones worth than thousands. J" able to breach my display units with well armed security devices attaches & somehow no one notice without any single sound of trigger alarm. I believe J" has been taught by the professional adults. J" walked out calm-fully by passing the security guard without any suspicious movement. By the time we notice, it was too late. I had to lodge a report to my management & police for further investigation. It wasn't good to me as it credited low to my store performance level.

Almost a 2 weeks since the incident, J" has return & make another round for his luck. But this time he has been caught easily & previously we had review on CCTV footage for his hanky panky movement, we recall back the incident. I had quick interview with J" before handover to custody. At the same time, I also needed to lodge a police report which J" will be allocated at nearby police station.

Few Question during my interview with J"

Q: How old are you?
A: 14...

Q: Where is your parent?
A: No idea & have not seem them for ages...

Q: Where & who did you stay?
A: I live at xxxxxxx (classified) & stay with grandfather but I run away because he always abuse me.

Q: Why did you grandfather hit you?
A: I not sure but he just hit me for no reason or maybe he did not like me...

Q: Do you still schooling?
A: No...

Q: Right now, who did you stay?
A: With my friend..

Q: Did your friend teach you to steal?
A: Yes...

Q: Why did you steal & you know is wrong by ending like this?
A: I need to feed myself, I'm hungry & no employer hired me....

Q: Where is the items that you taken from my store?
A: I sell it to Bangladeshi...

Q: How much do you sell?
A: Few hundreds... (I sound, "what?")

For his condition, nothing much can help unless there is a sign of hope. The most person who needed to blame is his parents by abandon J". From J" story, I can tell he was struggle to search a better life for living to do what ever necessary. I believe J" has gone thru hard life. During his interrogation by police officer, he seems to be very calm. No emotion of sadness or even cry.

Further more, I did not put a charge against him & only let the officer to decide. because of his sympathy. As a parents, please do educate your child & care of their needs. You don't want to end up like J" life. If you were J" footsteps, what should you do? He just too young to be thief

Till then...

How To Insult Your Siri

Well, there is a good way to insult your Siri by saying Fxxx words but it's already outdated. How about you try to called out "OK Glass"... Your Siri will be go mad. Till then, Happy Siri day!

Beerlao Dark Lager

The first beer I’ve ever tasted from the country of Laos. That could well be because, as far as I can tell, Beerlao is the only brewery in the country & it doesn’t seem their beers have been exported to Malaysia until recently. If they were, at any rate, I can’t say that I have ever seen them. 

The beer does have a good amount of Brussels lace & a gentle creaminess to it in texture. Sadly, the beer lacks depth & gets a little lost with a bit of harsh grain. After taste were so so to me...

Overall, this is not a beer that I would seek out, but I would take it over any day & if in Laos would definitely try it fresh on draft to see if it was any better. Alcohol level up to 6.5%

Bavaria Holland Beer

Bavaria? What’s in a name? That may very well be, I think, dependent on the observer. Bavaria, after all is in Germany, not the Netherlands, hence the qualification of “Holland Beer”. This got me thinking, though.

How does the taste like? Bavaria Holland Beer pours to a pale gold color with a thick creamy head & a light crisp malt nose. The palate is smooth & clean, creamy, very drinkable with a delicate biscuity malt flavor. The finish is oh-so gently bitter with a dry balancing hop flavor that lingers very lightly on the tongue.

So, one night I deviously mentioned that I had some in the fridge & this would be a great time to sample Bavaria. Alcohol level up to 5%

Somersby Cider

The cider is light golden in color & very lively. The aroma truly is fruity, a bit sweet & reminds me a lot of the lightly fermented apple juice you can get at TESCO. The taste is very similar to the juice as well, sweet & fruity with a well defined golden delicious flavor. No wonder why it is sweet, sugar is one of the main ingredients of this cider.

The aftertaste is very short & nothing really screams out at me. I am left with the feeling that I am not sure what this drink really is... & I am honestly trying to be objective! Alcohol level 4.5%

Till then, happy weekend!
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